Third Windows Phone 7 TV Ad released: Where the heck is Zune?

Microsoft released a third Windows Phone 7 ad focused around the Samsung Focus (pun intended..) which is identical to the first one but with a different voice over. Anyway, what really struck me is that in all of the three adds recently released there isn’t a single mention of Zune or the Music services & capabilities associated to the platform. Microsoft can denied it as much as they want but something is definitely going on with Zune (rebrand?). Video after the break:

  • JiN

    Zune was clearly shown in the second video :p

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yes there was a quick glimpse of the Music + Videos hub but note that it is never mentioned at all. It’s only “Office and Xbox Games/live” :p

  • Jônatas Roland

    That’s because they want to show what’s different from others phones, a music store exists in every platform so they just wanted to show what they will never (i guess) find in other platform. :)

  • Arun Kumar

    Or Zune is gettin buried and will be resurrected as “Windows Live Music+Videos for Windows Phone 7″ or some other similar name which would be 1 mile long :P

  • Anonymous

    I gotta say, I like these new ads. When my ATT contract is up in August I hope there’s a healthy selection of second-wave Windows Phones (with the Mango update!).

  • Anon

    I want to be able to use a theme that shade of blue (as shown at 0:04).