Video of the Dell Venue Pro running NoDo with copy and paste

We finally have visual evidence of the Dell Venue Pro’s shipping in India with the NoDo Windows Phone 7 update pre-installed on them. But looking closer at the OS version you’ll notice that the “NoDo” version pre-installed on the device isn’t the final code but a development version. As you can see in the pictures it clearly says 7.0.7355.0 but the final code is supposed to be 7.7389.0. So what is going on here? Well no one really knows yet but It should also be noted that Samsung also has a 7.0.7355.0 rom circulating (they’ve pre-installed it on a repaired Omnia 7 that was sent to them for a faulty speaker at the end of last month) which is apparently going to be leaked in the coming hours / days (FW: KA1). I personally wouldn’t recommend flashing it yet given that we don’t even know if it will be easily upgradeable to the “real” NoDo later this month (will phones running 7355 be notified of the update? Do they include the “fixes” that came with 7008?). Anyway, check out the video after the break:

source: FoneArena thanks for the tip Varun & Arun!

  • ulub81

    Nice finding!

  • Anonymous

    Did the Venue Pro issues ever get fixed?

  • EJ

    .msft fucked up it up again