Another nice looking Windows Phone 7 TV ad for the Samsung Focus

Looks like Microsoft is finally getting things done the right way. A follow up to the previous Samsung Focus TV ad has just be released on the company’s official YouTube channel. No more awkward” really?”  stuff in there. Just the device and OS in action. Always let the product speak of itself.. Check it out after the break:

Thanks for the heads up Timo

  • clubdirthill

    Nice ad, it would be wonderful if they actually managed to show it on TV.

  • Anonymous

    Well done! I like how they are honest when it comes to the amount of (useful) apps on Marketplace…as opposed to Apple, who brags about their 20,000 (fart) apps.

  • Manish

    Just need sexy hardware. I think collaboration with Nokia will look after that compartment. Sexiest OS with Macho Hardware. Heavenly combination

  • EJ

    Keep it coming msft. Update the damn thing