Square Off Xbox Live Arcade game coming soon to Windows Phone 7

Here’s a pretty nice looking Xbox Live Arcade indie game which is currently being ported to Windows Phone 7and should be available soon in the Marketplace. It’s called Square Off (buy Gnomic Studios in Australia) and was released last year on the Xbox 360. The Windows Phone 7 version will include a seven level singleplayer campaign pus a survival mode. As you can see in the screenshot above and video below, it’s a nice mix of 3D (background) and 2D (characters) graphics:

PERTH, Western Australia – February 28 – Gnomic Studios are proud to announce their critically acclaimed game Square Off for Windows 7 Phone, coming soon.

Level Artist Adam Matera explained why Gnomic chose Windows Phone for their next release. “Having released Square Off for Xbox Live Indie Games, we were looking for a smaller project to develop before starting on a larger game.” he said. “Since Microsoft recently released the Marketplace for Windows Phones, which allowed existing Xbox Live games to be easily ported across, this was the perfect opportunity for us to delve into the exciting challenge of Mobile Game Development.”

The game will include the full single player campaign from the Xbox version, complete with statistics and scoreboards to keep track of your progress. And of course the survival mode is back to test your stamina against the horde. The control system has been streamlined to suit to mobile gaming, but still retains the feel of the original game.

Square Off for Windows Phone is scheduled for an April release, and there are plans to have a demo and free version available as well.

The game’s official site can be found here.