Verizon HTC 7 Trophy snapped in the wild

What you are seeing above is first live picture of Verizon’s HTC 7 Trophy which is most probably going to be officially unveiled in the coming weeks. It has been known for a while that this new Quad-Band CDMA handset was going to be the Windows Phone 7 device that the big red company was going to launch but as of yesterday nobody had seen it publicly. Verizon has been extensively testing it prior to the OS’s launch in October and also had a couple of its branded applications appear in the Marketplace more than two months ago.

via engadget

  • Anonymous

    Verizon confuses me. On one side they bad-mouth WP7 any chance they get. On the other, they’re launching devices with it. Do they want it to not sell well? Perhaps sabotage it in the same way they sabotaged Kin?