Fan made Windows Phone 7 ad looks nicer than Microsoft's

Windows phone 7′s marketing and ad campaign clearly isn’t the best thing around (besides the latest Samsung Focus TV ad released last week). So anything kinda new and flashy is bound catch potential (young) consumers interest. Fortunately for Microsoft there are some dedicated and skilled WP7 fans out there like Brando Foy who just completed a 50 seconds long ad that looks pretty good IMO. Check it out after the break:

Kinda embarrassing the fan can pump out better looking ads that the ad agencies who are paid millions by Microsoft.

source: Brandon Foy via Liveside

  • Anonymous

    This ad is awesome..!

  • Meekermoloko

    It is better than most WP7 ads. I still like the latest Samsung Focus one best, though. I know this is fan made, but he could’ve got it down to 30 seconds (take out some of the beginning) and concentrate more on the phone than the music. This is something that should’ve been shown in October to generate buzz. It doesn’t give as much info as the Samsung ad, but that Really? campaign just wasn’t doing it for many people.

    Still … it’s great for a student. He should have a nice future ahead of him.

  • Rhino

    pretty awesome. would love to see this on tv

  • Guest

    Not bad at all! Still doesn’t touch the new Microsoft Ad ‘What If’……

  • Gust3

    Just saw Windows Phone 7 on Hawaii-5-0. Good product tie-in. There was enough screen time to figure out it isn’t iPhone or Android. There’s 3 buttons on the lower part of the handset and the photo opened in the same manner as the tiles on WP7.

    I think these product placements are good. There needs to be more.