One more Samsung Galaxy S II hands on video

You may have noticed that it’s a relatively slow news weekend here (yeah I’m not feeling like posting every single bit of WP7 related rumor / chatter lately..) so I decided to dig into my Mobile World Congress stash and post a second Samsung Galaxy S II hands on video for your viewing pleasure. There’s definitely nothing amazing in there ‘just all everything that came out of MWC this year unfortunately) but if you are still craving for some Exynos 4210 action just hit the break to check it out.

The first game you see is the FPS from Gameloft called Nova and next is Glyder 2 from Glu games which is also available now on Windows Phone 7 (with better assets and textures). One thing you can’t see in this video is how dangerously hot the Galaxy S II was running when I was shooting this video. It is obviously running non finalized software (and probably hardware too) but that thing could probably warm up house. Let’s just hope that this won’t be an issue once the device hit’s retail this year. The original Galaxys S can also get super hot under heavy usage,especially the screen which can then be a little bit painful to use (oddly enough I never had this problem with the Omnia 7). You can check out my first Galaxy S II hands video here.

  • Diego!

    This is my next phone for sure! :) :) :)

  • Timi Azeez