Windows Phone 7 developers now allowed to submit 100 free applications instead of only 5

If you are a registered Windows Phone 7 developers you have probably already received the monthly newsletter last night which contains a small piece of information that may be important in the longer run. Developers can now submit up to 100 free applications per year up from the previous 5 free application limit that was applicable since the launch of the platform.

This may provided a big boost to the marketplace in the coming months especially when it has been shown that free ad supported application are usually more successful that payed apps in the marketplace. The newsletter also urges developers to attend the upcoming MIX11 event in April to learn more about the upcoming updates and the changes coming to the Windows Phone 7 platform (the whole thing will be streamed live so don’t worry if you can’t be there).

  • ???? ???

    Nice step.

  • Kacey Green

    I’m glad they did this, we’ve switched to mostly free apps, but some apps aren’t worth the risk of the $20 fee to submit if you were over the 5 limit, now we can release both deep and simple apps without fear. Though it still discourages app farms that turn out crummy apps one after another. Way to go Microsoft!