Finally a Windows Phone 7 TV ad that doesn't suck

You all probably know by now that I’m far from being a fan of Microsoft’s current Windows Phone 7 marketing campaign. Unfortunately the company doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to come up with something fresh and new right now but AT&T and Samsung did grace us with a short TV ad that flashy and that shows the product and it’s third-party applications (update: This new ad is apparently part of Microsoft’s new Marketing push in the US as they are now sending links to it to the press and also WP7 users). What do you guys (and gals?) think about it? It this how Microsoft should advertise the product or did you really think that the “Really?” ad campaign was good enough? Check out the Samsung Focus ad after the break:

via YouTube

  • Anonymous

    I do think that that these showcase the features a lot better than the “Really” ads. Still, I think they could benefit from a more aggressive approach instead of this light-hearted stuff. Something akin to the original Droid campaign, that clearly and unsubtly portrayed Android as a platform that eats iPhones for breakfast.

    Just go ahead and say, THIS is a much better approach to a smartphone than the sea of icons in iOS and Android’s cluttered mess of widgets. Or directly compare Android’s pitiful game selection to WP7′s already brooding catalog of XBox Live titles.

    Just my $0.02

  • Anonymous

    I found your site from the WP7 News app on my Venue Pro and Im liking what I see. Also, I believe this ad is from Microsoft not Att and Samsung. It was uploading to Windows Phone YouTube Channel which showcases all of Microsoft’s ads plus that’s Bradley Cooper voice over that Microsoft’s uses for other ads (to the cloud lol) and it’s on Microsoft’s Windows Phone Facebook page. Let’s give Microsoft credit for a well done ad!!! I look forward to following your site!!!!

  • MobileTechWorld

    You are right Microsoft has just started to send out links to the ad to the press and registered Windows Phone 7 users. Seems to be part of a new Marketing push in the US.
    Thanks for the support! :)

  • Anonymous

    I find it strange that MS would send me an email with a link to this commercial. I already own a WP7, so why advertise to me…unless they think I’m going to email or tweet the ad.

    MS should spend more time focusing on the updates for current customers and less time trying to pick up new ones. The worst thing for MS is the negative press they’re getting from the update bug and the criticism that the phone lacks features.