Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Preview: hands on video and gameplay

Wondering what’s inside Sony Ericsson’s first PlayStation Certified handset? Just check out the full software and hardware specifications here. Now let me give you my first hands on impression of the Xperia Play after playing with it for a couple of minutes earlier this week. The build quality seemed to be relatively solid but a bit too much plasticy or my taste and the two L and R trigger button on the top of the device really felt cheap because of this. The 4 inch FWVGA (854×480) screen looks really nice thought and had good viewing angles for an LCD (I’m guessing that it’s the same as on the Sony Xperia Arc (hands-on video coming soon..) and similar to the SLCD found on HTC’s latest devices (but Sony Ericsson loves to called this Bravia something.. know..).

The Xperia Play like the Xperia Arc and the vast majority of the Android devices announced at MWC) is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8255 which includes the Adreno 205  GPU (check out my benchmark vs the PowerSGX 540 here). According to Qualcomm this device features the latest Adreno drivers to date so we should be seeing optimal 3D performance out of it. I played a couple of games which you can see in the video below (I obviously had to do it one handed when shooting it…) and came out fairly impressed by what was rendered on the screen. in terms of overall responsiveness and smoothness this ain’t no iPhone of Windows Phone 7 device but Sony Ericsson did a relatively good job on the pre-release software and hardware (it was supper buggy though). Don’t expect anything amazing though. If you have any questions just post them in the comments below. Check out BRuce Lee and Star Battalion in action:

  • Akhilbandaru

    How can I download the files of Adreno 205. Please send me any link if possible. Thanks in advance.