Windows Phone 7 IE9 Mobile video demonstrations

Here are several videos from MWC showing Windows Phone 7′s IE9Mobile and HTML5 in action. The first one is a video of Joe Belifore demonstrating the same thing he showed on trage during the opening Keynote but with a working network connection so you will get to see the HTC 7 Trophy device streaming .mp4 video form the IMDB Panorama showcase website. But there’s catch..contrary to what Joe is claiming the video being streamed to the handset is NOT in HD. It’s in 848×480 and you can grab the file directly from here to check it out yourself. update: Just to be clear: Like I said in my Windows Phone 7 review, the current WP7 devices can playback 720P MP4 videos (similar to YouTube’s 720P content) without problem but it’s not “supported” by the OS and in the case of Joe’s demo it was was just a poorly compressed FWVGA video.

Don’t pay much attention to the re-located address bar as it looks like a placeholder given that it doesn’t even rotate when the device is in landscape mode.

Finally here are 2 videos of the Developer session that took place on Feb 16whereyou will here Joe Marini walk you through all the HTML5 features supported by IE9 Mobile on Windows Phone 7:

HTML5 demo:

When asked about the ability to independently update the browser (which I was the first to report back in March of last year) he answered the following:

One of the great things of Windows Phone 7 is we now have the ability to push out updates independently of the OS. We haven’t announced what that schedule is going to be, but as we get closer to the release date they’ll have more to say about that, but we’re paying very close attention as to the best way to do that

via wpcentral

Side note: given my geographical location I’m stuck with the Microsoft’s French PR team which is basically totally useless to me given that 95% of my readers are from the US. If somebody from Microsoft US ,UK or Waggener Edstrom is reading this please contact me.