First Nokia Windows Phone 7 device coming out this year

Nokia’s Jo Harlow has just hinted at a possible 2011 release date for the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset during Setphen Elop’s MWC event Keynote and that a massive volume of Nokia WP7 handset should be expected in 2012. The company also officially unveiled the prototype renders that we saw just 2 days ago.

Stephen Elop is also scheduled to take part of Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer’s keynote tomorrow afternoon.

  • Ef Jay

    I can hardly wait till I can go exclusively with an unlocked Nokia WP7 phone, no more half-assed efforts from companies committed to another smartphone platform and no more flawed products like the DVP. Just stylish European design and quality, brilliant!

  • Hshujeiry

    Can someone please tell me when is this phone coming the exact date I really want to buy it