HTC's reaction to the Nokia and Microsoft Windows Phone partnership

Some people are thinking that today’s Nokia announcement can be a threat to other Windows Phone 7 OEMs which would in turn jump ship and focus on Android because of the closer relationship that Microsoft will have with the Finnish company in terms of software and hardware customization. HTC has come forward on this subject and from the looks of it, the Taiwanese company doesn’t seem to be worried at all. Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC for North America and Latin America thinks that the Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft is “a validation of what we’re doing.”

As for the competition HTC will face from Nokia phones running Windows, it’s “one more competitor,”

“I feel confident in what we’re doing,” “We’ve got a fresh brand that’s resonating with consumers.”

“Obviously Windows Phone 7 is a platform we’ve invested tremendously on” and “we’ll continue to support that,”

Asked if the Nokia deal will improve the momentum of Windows Phone 7, Mackenzie said: “It broadens the ecosystem, which is good for everyone. We’ll see.”

source: Seattle Times

  • Jairaj P

    Anyways HTC is not wholly dependent of WP7 like what Nokia will be. And WP7 constitutes only minority pie for HTC sales (& even others like Samsung). So overall effect on HTC & others will be minuscule. Only question is whether WP7 will improve its market share because of this. If so, it will even be short term gain for HTC

  • Diego!

    quoting: “Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC for North America and Latin America…” <<<— what the heck???

    LatinAmerica? Like where?
    Please if you have the address of any HTC office in LatinAmerica let me know, because we've never seen any office nor logo on any billboard. They don't even exist as a brand here nor are known by consumers.
    And they only "officially" released HTC Cruise and HTC Diamond through Personal (in Argentina), like in late 2007 or beginning 2008. And they flop!

    HTC sucks in LatinAmerica, if they ever think of earning some success, they should release their catalogue here, because consumers will love to have such good products. But, as it hurts to type it here, I don't think they really care tough.

    Long Live to Samsung! And now Nokia! hahaha :)

  • Anonymous

    My very first phone was a Nokia. Actually, my first few phones were Nokias. I really miss their hardware, which was always rock solid and reliable. I’d definitely trade my HTC in for a Nokia WP7 with a usable camera. HTC needs to stop reselling the same garbage components year after year.