Windows Phone 7 NoDo update delayed until March ?

Rumors, rumors, rumors…Can’t we all wait until next Monday? Anyway, the latest about the NoDo Windows Phone 7 update is that it has been delayed until early March instead of it’s initial February launch (in time for MWC). Frankly I don’t really care about this update/fix anymore given that it doesn’t seems to fix some of the most annoying bugs in the OS. We will officially know everything next week anyway. So, just to point out the obvious here….this is just a RUMOR and like 99% of the latest WP7 rumors, this one may turn out to be false….Update: I’m being told that it’s “100% confirmed”… lets just wait and see…

Update: Microsoft is supposedly also going to anounces new hardware Chassis on Moday.

via All About Microsoft

  • Anonymous

    Boy is this going to hurt.

  • Anonymous

    They could at least release the cut & paste part of the update. That would probably go a long way as far as image goes. It’s disappointing to hear MS talk about the next generation of Windows Phone when their current OS is in need of some real fixes.