More Nokia Windows Phone 7 rumors

We are apparently on the verge of one of the most important announcement of the year according to Businessweek who’s the last to come through on the story quoting sources close to the matter. According to them, Stephen Elop was in talks with Google and Microsoft but finally decided to go for Windows Phone 7 (surprised?) and announce the move on Friday in London. Yesterday’s Google VP’s tweet sort of confirms this version so all we can do right now is wait to find out if this turns out to be true.

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft deals with Nokia in the same way they deal with other WP7 OEMs especially when it comes to OS customization and hardware chassis specs given that Nokia has historicallly always used relatively mid-range (and un-common) hardware configurations specifically tailored for their software. Will Nokia start using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC’s like every other manufacturer?

source: Businessweek

  • Lalio


  • Anonymous

    Question. Isn’t chassis 2 supposed to support half the resolution of chassis 1 meaning cheaper phones? And wasn’t it mentioned at MWC last year that it would come a year or so later(at the time). I didn’t search this i’m too lazy just going off of fuzy memory. Either way my point is chassis 2 would allow Nokia to sell mid range models.

  • MobileTechWorld

    If Chassis 2 is what I think it is (Chassis 1 with a HVGA screen and slower Qualcomm SoC) then I hope that it went the way of the Dodo. Because releasing HVGA WP7 handsets in 2011 would be ridiculous (IMO). WVGA is now the defacto standard even on mid-range smartphones. Either way Nokia will have to drastically change’s it’s hardware to run WP7 (switch from STE+Broadcom to Qualcomm which is Nokia’s archnemesis in the telecoms world..)

  • argenys

    I agree I don’t want to see any HVGA phones out there with WP7 but if they were talking about it just a year ago I don’t know if their thinking has changed. Regarding the CPU couldn’t part of the deal be Microsoft making drivers for STE+Broadcom? They are already(rumored) including new drivers in this upcoming update to support another CPU(I think its still Qualcomm though).