Dailymotion Windows Phone 7 application Hands on review

Another pretty nice looking and functional Windows Phone 7 application was released today in the Marketplace (here) and is sure to light some fire under Google’s b… because the lack of official YouTube application on the platform. The largest video site after YouTube,  Dailymotion, now has an official application on Microsoft’s newest mobile OS and frankly it looks super awesome. I’ve shot a video of it running on the Samsung Omnia 7 to show you how nice it looks in action. You’ll notice that I encountered a nasty bug that is easily replicable so hopefully the developers will fix it soon. The only other annoyance is the color banding in some videos but this is cause by the Super AMOLED screen (will MS ever correct this issue?) Check it out after the break:

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Microsoft planning to announce new Windows Phone 7 hardware requirements at MWC

File this under the rumor tag but I’m hearing that Microsoft is about to announce new hardware requirements (Chassis specifications) for Windows Phone 7 next Monday in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress. I unfortunately don’t have any details on the changes to come but you may remember that Paul Thurrot claimed that NoDo will integrate support for Qualcomm’s MSM7X30 SoCs (the company’s current mid-range smartphone offering). If this is the only change then it would be really disappointing given that the only major difference between this SoC and the QSD8250 found in the current Windows Phone 7 handsets is the Adreno 205 GPU. But I don’t think that this alone would warrant a chassis change (both SoCs fit into the Chassis 1 specifications). We can probably expect things like Gyroscope support or even Front Facing camera but as of right now this is all speculation.

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Amazon app for Windows Phone 7 released: Hands on video

Amazon has officially released its official Windows Phone 7 application today so I decided to take a quick look at it and shoot a video to show you how it looks like and performs (especially for those of you out of the US and who don’t seem to have access to it (the application is apparently dedicated to Amazon.com only). The first thing you’ll notice is that the performance is extremely good for a Windows Phone 7 application (they are known to be quite sluggish normally) but this isn’t surprising given the quality of the Amazon Kindle application that was released last month. Another bonus point for Amazon: it runs under the lock screen (yeah!). Anyway, check out the video after the break:

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Windows Phone 7 NoDo update delayed until March ?

Rumors, rumors, rumors…Can’t we all wait until next Monday? Anyway, the latest about the NoDo Windows Phone 7 update is that it has been delayed until early March instead of it’s initial February launch (in time for MWC). Frankly I don’t really care about this update/fix anymore given that it doesn’t seems to fix some of the most annoying bugs in the OS. We will officially know everything next week anyway. So, just to point out the obvious here….this is just a RUMOR and like 99% of the latest WP7 rumors, this one may turn out to be false….Update: I’m being told that it’s “100% confirmed”… lets just wait and see…

Update: Microsoft is supposedly also going to anounces new hardware Chassis on Moday.

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Next generation Windows Phone and Zune devices to be discussed at MIX11 ?

Here’s something that totally missed a couple of days ago (thanks to Twitter); the MIX 11 website describes Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore as being “responsible for the design and software product definition of forthcoming generations of Windows phones and Zune devices“. Zune devices ? So Microsoft is still working on a new Zune HD2  device or another form of Zune device that isn’t a Windows Phone (which is a Zune device)…like tablet/slate, Zune Pad ? Anyway, only time will tell but it can also possibly be mistake or poorly worded description (the post has a Zune tag associated to it so it definitely looks like “Zune Devices” was meant to be in there..).

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More Nokia Windows Phone 7 rumors

We are apparently on the verge of one of the most important announcement of the year according to Businessweek who’s the last to come through on the story quoting sources close to the matter. According to them, Stephen Elop was in talks with Google and Microsoft but finally decided to go for Windows Phone 7 (surprised?) and announce the move on Friday in London. Yesterday’s Google VP’s tweet sort of confirms this version so all we can do right now is wait to find out if this turns out to be true.

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft deals with Nokia in the same way they deal with other WP7 OEMs especially when it comes to OS customization and hardware chassis specs given that Nokia has historicallly always used relatively mid-range (and un-common) hardware configurations specifically tailored for their software. Will Nokia start using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC’s like every other manufacturer?

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