Microsoft investigating the use of Live Services running on hacked HTC HD2's running Windows Phone 7

Pocketnow asked Microsoft for comments about the recent hacks that enable the HTC HD2 to run Windows Phone 7 and the vast number of user are getting product keys from Microsoft’s (by phoning MS and lying to them to get the key) to enable the live services on the device.

“Microsoft does make product keys available for select support scenarios” but “these keys are not intended to allow for the installation of software onto unsupported hardware. We are investigating whether or not additional steps are needed to discourage the improper use of product keys”.

Regarding the installation of the hacked Windows Phone 7 images on the HTC HD2 Microsoft said the following:

“Microsoft does not support Windows Phones that have been altered from manufacturer and carrier specifications and we caution that such alterations can dramatically impact reliability, performance, compatibility and security”.

It still remains to be seen if all the hacks and roms will be fully functional once the first update rolls out this month but don’t be surprised if Microsoft decides to ban all the recently issued PVK keys.

source: Pocketnow

  • Monkey D Black

    pocket now is full of shit! why would they escalate this?

  • MobileTechWorld

    I personally think that Microsoft was already aware of all of this anyway. It’s up to the end-user to decide if he wants to take the risk to have his Live ID permanently banned. We should see what happens once the first OS update is released IMO.

  • Monkey D Black

    as I said escalate. wether they new before or not, they just made it worse. and also. I didn’t LIE to microsoft when I called it. I plainly and simply said, “I’m at the screen where it’s asking for some products keys to have access to live servicies” and the kind gentleman on the other end said, “oh, i can help you with that, just give me a few moments”. I got my key and all was well.

    all i’m waiting for my contract to be up or my upgrade to kick in so i can get a real WP7 phone.