Windows Phone 7 devices have a high sell-through rate ?

As we all know by now, Microsoft is only communicating OEM license sales so it is really hard to guess how many Windows Phone 7 handsets have actually be sold to end users. NPD reported on Monday that the new OS had only captured 2% of the US smartphone market in it’s first 40 days of retail presence but everybody is still wondering how many of the 2 Million devices manufactured are still sitting on the shelves. I was just told that Microsoft is actually seeing a very high sell-trough rate and that probably up to 90% of the devices are getting into consumer hands. There’s obviously nothing official here because this is just internal chatter at the company but let’s just hope for the sake of the platform that the return rate is also really low.

Anyway, Microsoft has still a lot of work on its hands to finally be back in the game: release OS and SDK updates, revamp the whole marketing and fix the Marketplace security/apps certification issues.

  • Viruela22

    But if you 2% in just 40 days in 90 would double, not bad for a start.
    2% are 2 million units