I Dig It For Windows Phone 7 Hands On Review

Microsoft has just released another Xbox Live enabled game today called I Dig It. The game which is developed by InMotion Software was originally released a little bit more than a year ago on iOS (iPhone, iPod) and has now been successfully ported to Windows Phone 7. Thankfully there’s no performance issues at all (I just want games to give the option to run-under lock though..) and the only bug I encountered so far seems to be related to the virtual joystick used to control your digging machine; it doesn’t always send you player in the right direction. Anyway, just check out the video after the break to get a little glimpse of the game:

I Dig It is a mix between a puzzle game and adventure game and frankly looks and especially sounds really good. The full game feature 6 different locations for you to explore. You can grab it right now for $2.99 (it only costs $0.99 on iOS) or just try the trial version from the Marketplace.

  • Anonymous


    This game stops loading after completion of the first few levels. This is well documented on the Marketplace. The developer (InMotion Software) had posted that they would be submitting an update to Microsoft, but this was well over a month ago and there has been no further news on their website’s forum regarding a patch. Read the reviews on the Marketplace…people are pissed off. I cannot believe that Microsoft hasn’t pulled this game considering it breaks on every phone if you play it long enough. There really should be a refund policy for games that don’t function and appear to be abandoned by their developer.

  • Dank102

    Completely agree with freemachine - DO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME TILL IT GETS FIXED!!!!