Developing for Windows Phone 7 can be a painful experience

Here’s an really interesting reality check that will help you cut through the PR talk about the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Microsoft and its supporters (I’m one of them but I’m not blind) love to boast about the 7000+ apps currently available and the 2K+ registered developers. Unfortunately, just like in Apple’s Appstore case, everything isn’t rosy. The certification process is seriously flawed. How many totally buggy and unusable applications are currently certified? Tons of them! Even so called “featured applications” like IMDB or AP Mobile suffer from serious bugs since October and have never been updated/fixed. Anyway, what’s even worst than certifying unusable applications it’s the fact that MS is rejecting updates that are meant to fix buggy applications! Here’s the story of Shawn Wildermuth, who’s a Microsoft MVP and developer of several WP7 applications (note that he also was really active prior to the platform launch with great WP7 dev tutorials). He finally decided to pull out his GooNews application from the Marketplace and no longer update or support his other apps because of Microsoft abyssal support:

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Windows Phone 7 certified Micro-SD from PNY unveiled..maybe not

The ongoing Windows Phone 7 Micro-SD  support saga has now taken a new turn with the appearance of the first Windows Phone 7 certified Micro-SD 32GB card from PNY. Back in November, SanDisk posted a list of WP7 Samsung Focus certified cards , then took it down for no apparent reason and nothing was heard ever since on this subject. Keep in mind that Windows Phone 7 doesn’t “support” removable micro-sd cards and that doing so will void your devices warranty unless you have a Samsung Focus which has a user accessible slot.

UPDATE:Well scrap that. The only thing Windows Phone 7 compatible are the pre-loaded movies on the card not the micro-sd…. marketing lameness..

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HTC Thunderbolt launching on February 24th ?

Verizon’s first LTE smartphone, the HTC Thunderbolt, is now rumored to launch on February 24th for $249 on a 2-year contract, $329 on 1-year contract and $599 unlocked. The HTC Thunderbolt will be in direct competition with the iPhone 4 launching 14 days earlier but will apparently boast one single feature that is sure to make all Apple fans envious: simultaneous Data and Voice thanks to the LTE radio. In terms of hardware specifications the Thunderbolt is basically an HTC Deisre HD with a front facing camera and LTE modem.

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Android event taking place on February 2nd

Google has just sent out invites for a special Android event on February 2nd to formerly introduce Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb to the press. The tablet oriented OS was first shown a couple of weeks ago during the D conference and later during CES when the Motorola Xoom was unveiled. Unfortunately the public and members of the press weren’t allowed to try it out so next weeks event will be the first time people outside of Google and its OEMs finally take a in-depth peek at Honeycomb. Sure you can already “try it out” through the SDK emulator but nothing beats using an OS on an actual device. Google will also hopefully tells us what are their plans for Android 3.0 on smartphones because as of right now the latest official word from the company is that people shouldn’t expect to see it appear on handsets before the end of the year. The next smartphone oriented version is supposedly Android 2.4 aka Ice Cream Sandwich.

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