Parachute Panic HD for Windows Phone 7 Hands-on video review

As promised on Monday, Parachute Panic HD for Windows Phone 7 has just been released in the Marketplace for $2.99 (it’s$1.99 on iOS). What we have here is a perfect port of one of the the best selling iOS game (iPhone, iTouch and iPad) with zero performance issues in sight contrary to other ports recently released. Now you probably already know how this thing works so I’ll just let you watch the game in action after break:

Please note that the “invite a friend” feature is unfortunately just a mail with a link to the developers website and not a request sent via the Xbox Live service. Hopefully this will be changed later on. The moire pattern you see on the screen is actually caused by the Super AMOLED PentTile Matrix and only shows up in video so don’t worry. Don’t hesitate to try it out here.