Over 2 Million Windows Phone 7 devices sold to carriers and retailers

Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to communicate on the end-user sales numbers but has indicated today that 2 Million Windows Phone 7 devices have been sold to carriers and retailers in Q4 2010. This is 500K more than the latest announced number in December but obviously still way behind it’s main competitors (iPhone and Android):

“We’re still in the early stages,” Microsoft Senior Product Manager Greg Sullivan told Mobilized in a phone interview on Wednesday. “When people use this phone, they really, really like it.”

Microsoft will definitely have to answer lots of questions about Windows Phone 7 sales and forecasts tomorrow during its Q2 2011 earnings conference call. But keep in mind that Microsoft only sells Licenses to OEMs not phones. This is still a far cry from the projected 30 Million sales that Microsoft hopes to accomplish this year.

source: WSJ and Bloomberg

  • Gust

    Did you read the latest commentary at WindowsSuperSite? A bit of a downer. I hope WP7 succeeds, but it is depressing.

  • Anonymous

    Once the update comes (probably, I hope) in the next few weeks, people will be back to loving Microsoft and singing their praises . . .

  • Anonymous

    These updates are everything right now and getting them right and on time is what’s important current users and future buyers.

  • http://twitter.com/argenys argenys

    I think that the updates are really, really important. But not as important as getting a new ad campaign going. I am hoping that Microsoft introduces a new ad campaign at WMC, I actually think they will.

  • Anonymous

    Also, there’s a reason they won’t put out sales figures, it’s because everyone’s trying say that WP7 is a failure and lack of sales proves it. Well Android didn’t start out batting a 1000, they had lackluster sales too. WP7 will be fine if they do their updates in timely manner, introduce new phones and start advertising alot better.