Motorola Xoom launching on February 17th

According to internal documents originating from Best Buy the much anticipated Motorola Xoom tablet, which is going to be the first Android 3.0 Honeycomb powered devices, is launching on February 17th. The first SKU is apparently packing 32GB of internal memory but there’s still no official price mentioned but it would definitely be disappointing if yesterday’s rumored $800 price turns out to be true. A full blown Slate PC like the new Asus Eee EP121 is only $300 more and has some serious power under the hood (but not so awesome battery life..). The Xoom will obviously be subsidized by carriers just like the Galaxy Tab thought so it may be best to wait a little bit to see how things settle down.

I’m really interested to see who it looks like in real action thought and am quite a bit surprised to see that it’s launching so soon given that it has yet to be shown running Android 3.0 without being tightly handled by either Motorola or Google employees (the press and public weren’t allowed to touch them and only videos were shown running on them during CES. That apparently didn’t stop the devices from crashing though).

source: engadget