Motorola Xoom to cost $800 and come without MotoBlur UI

Contrary to what was claimed earlier yesterday in rumor, the Motorola Xoom won’t be slapped with the useless MotoBlur UI and will thankfully be running the stock Android 3.0 / Honeycomb OS. Here’s Motorola’s official statement:

To clarify, Motorola Xoom is a Google Experience Device and the first tablet to incorporate Android 3.0 Honeycomb. As such, Motorola Mobility has worked closely with Google to develop and optimize the Honeycomb OS on Xoom, and has no plans to customize the software with MotoBlur.

The second piece of news is the leaked pricing of the Motorola Xoom on Verizon which is apparently $800 without a contract. This not surprising given the impressive hardware specifications of the device. The HTC Thunderbolt is listed at $249 which I guess is with a 2y contract and without the expected $100 mail in rebate.

source: intomobile and androidcentral

  • Viruela22

    I put 100 dollars more and I buy asus with intel i5 tablet with an authentic s.o and not this is a great phone