3D Brick Breaker Revolution for Windows Phone 7 Hands on video

3D Brick Breaker Revolution is a port of the iPhone game that was released a couple of years ago. If you have already played it on Apple’s platform that you should know hat to expect given that everything is identical in this newer version besides the Xbox Live integration (and the fact that it cost an outrageous $2.99 compared to$0.99 on the iPhone) . The only downside is that relatively low framerate which is really disappointing especially in such a basic 3D game. It doesn’t really show up in the video below but I assure you that it isn’t running at 30fps or even 25fps. The Marketplace quality control just failed here..or Microsoft just doesn’t care because even the game’s screenshots available in the Marketplace are just horrible grabs of the 3 years old J2ME java version and not representative of the actual Windows Phone 7 version! Anyway, Check out the video after the break:

  • http://twitter.com/efjay01 Ef Jay

    So the ripoff prices WM users paid also makes the crossover to WP7. Great, users of MS’s mobile OS get the shaft as usual! I’m going to be more careful what I purchase now, any inflated priced applications or games will get a pass from me.

  • http://twitter.com/segacon Paul Acevedo

    I feel it’s worth $3. Hopefully they optimize it more in a future patch, but it’s still plenty of fun in its current form.