Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Hands on Preview

Want to see how the recently announced Sony Xperia Arc performs in real life? Here’s a in-depth hands-on courtesy of GSMArena who took the time to handle the device and shoot some videos of the product in action. The MSMS8255 powered handset seems to perform exactly like any other top end Android device on the market right now (Galaxy S, Desire HD) but this was frankly expected given that the hardware and OS here is nothing really new. Until Google fundamentally changes how the UI works on on samrtphone (similar to what they did with the “tablet” version of Android 3.0) we won’t see much difference in performance between Android devices. It was recently demonstrated in a video earlier this month that even Tegra 2 powered smartphone weren’t as snappy as the QSD8250 Window Phone 7 devices.

Anyway, back to the Sony Ericsson Arc:

The Timescap /MediaScape and native Android gallery:

They also compared the iPhone 4 vs Sony Xperia Arc vs Samsung Galaxy S screens (IPS vs Reality Bravia vs Super AMOLED)

But keep in mind that horizontal viewing angles are totally different, especially on the Super AMOLED panel (it’s nearly perfect).

Source: GSMAerna

  • Peg Bettano

    I like that device. sadly not many of the WP7 devices are sexy looking.

  • Boima B Harris

    Very true. I think my girl will enjoy this since she has the miserable previous Xperia

  • Discount Shop

    I thought the Arc was supposed to be thinner than the iPhone 4? But as I see the video I don’t think it is but as a phone it is better than any of the phones