site re-design now uses Metro UI

Microsoft’s soon to be launched re-designed website is now using the famous Metro UI introduced in Windows Phone 7 last year. You will now experience the same pivot and panorama design and animations when clicking on the icon and moving from one section to another. It does look a bit cluttered at times but this just goes to show the importance of Windows Phone 7 and it’s UI. I personally wouldn’t be surprised to see the same design and user experience in the upcoming Windows 8 OS and its Jupiter UI framework. Check it out here.

Microsoft OneNote for iPhone released

In a relatively surprising move Microsoft has just announced the release of OneNote for iPhone and iPod Touch today (free for a limited time and only in the US). One has to wonder if the company is run my sane people or not. Just in case you didn’t know yet, OneNote is one of the key selling feature of Windows Phone 7 (part oft he Office Hub) and lets users create OneNote notebooks which can include text,voice or images and be directly synced to their SkyDrive cloud storage (or shares via mail). Well, there’s no need to have a Windows Phone 7 device to experience this because this is what today’s iPhone version does too. This is obviously Microsoft’s way to compete against highly successful applications like Evernote and other note taking apps out there  but this new iPhone version seems to be more feature rich than the WP7 version too. So let me recapitulate the whole situation here: The iPhone Bing application is miles ahead of the current Bing  and Bing Maps implementation in Windows Phone 7, the official Messenger client on the iPhone is also miles ahead of the not so official and abyssal Messenger client available on WP7 and now OneNote is out on IOS to. Office Mobile for the iPhone is the next step I guess.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Hands on Preview

Want to see how the recently announced Sony Xperia Arc performs in real life? Here’s a in-depth hands-on courtesy of GSMArena who took the time to handle the device and shoot some videos of the product in action. The MSMS8255 powered handset seems to perform exactly like any other top end Android device on the market right now (Galaxy S, Desire HD) but this was frankly expected given that the hardware and OS here is nothing really new. Until Google fundamentally changes how the UI works on on samrtphone (similar to what they did with the “tablet” version of Android 3.0) we won’t see much difference in performance between Android devices. It was recently demonstrated in a video earlier this month that even Tegra 2 powered smartphone weren’t as snappy as the QSD8250 Window Phone 7 devices.

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HTC 7 Pro now available in Germany and on Pre-Order in the UK

As previously announced, the HTC 7 Pro is now available in Germany on O2 and also up for pre-order in the UK with an estimated shipping date of February 10th. The HTc 7 Pro (se the specs here) is the second, commercially available, Windows Phone 7 handset with a vertically sliding hardware keyboard (the first being the LG Quatum / Optimus Q). Unfortunately I personally think that Windows Phone 7′s landscape support is currently not that great so I would suggest you to try the device first hand for a little while before laying down the cache to get it.

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