Sony Ericsson still open to use Windows Phone 7. But not yet

It is a well known fact that Sony Ericsson is betting its future on Android but they apparently still have their eyes on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. The company keeps saying that they are open to use it but that the time has come yet. Is it for real or just PR purpose ? Nobody really knows.One thing is for sure though: they probably aren’t in a hurry to have an Xbox Live enabled smartphone alongside their soon to be launch Xperia Play PSP phone (which is totally understandable). Their parent company (Sony) has also recently decided not to launch a WP7 version of the PlayStation application (it’s out on iPhone and Android).

“We are keeping a watching brief”, Steven Walker, acting head of global marketing, “We’ve done a lot of work with Microsoft over the years. We’ve launched a number of 6.xx products, but we made a decision not to bring a product to market in the first wave. We absolutely maintain to keep an open mind towards Windows Phone 7. We continue to engage in a relationship with Microsoft, but we haven’t made any concrete announcement about when and how we would introduce Windows Phone 7 into the portfolio”.

I’m guessing that we will know more about the company’s future plans next month during MWC where I’ll be reporting live.

source: pocket-lint

  • Liggs22

    This would be fantastic if WP7 could get Sony Ericsson on board to make some phones and widen their distribution. Unlike the IPhone where there only one phone, they are like android and they need alot of phones and companies to make phones to compete.

  • Gust3

    I’m still hoping for a Verizon phone.