Official World Economic Forum Windows Phone 7 application

The World Economic Forum has just released its official Windows Phone 7 application today and this is precisely what makes me think that Windows Phone 7 is being taken seriously. Last year their was no Windows Mobile 6.5 app, same for the MWC which had an official iPhone and Android application but just a lame app on WM6.5 (which was a link to the mobile version of their website). When a big organization like the WEF takes the time to develop something it means that it’s important to them.

This is the official app for participants of World Economic Forum meetings, starting with the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, 26-30 January 2011.
IMPORTANT – To use this app you must be a registered participant at a Forum meeting and already be in possession of a valid Forum username and password – you should have received your username when registering and perhaps have already used it to access WELCOM – the World Economic Forum’s online collaboration platform.
This app provides access to your updated programme, personal agenda and participant booklet on the move and even when offline. Other services such as messaging and session sign-up are also available depending on available network connectivity.
To make the most of the app, we encourage participants to:
Use the list of participants to find full contact information of fellow participants.
Check and search the regularly updated programme to quickly find information of interest.
Check your personal agenda including any speaking roles, private events and bilateral meetings.
Access maps and other logistical information for the meeting – Forum reports, session summaries and more.
Connect to other participants using the messaging service.
Sign-up for sessions directly within the app.

If you already registered and heading to Davos this month just grab it directly from here.

  • Liggs22

    These are the kind of things that makes WP7 a name that’s moving up and getting noticed. WP7 (Microsoft) has got to get better commerical going and getting this great series of phones noticed.

  • Viruela22

    I have no doubt that wp7 will succeed because it is excellent