Asus E600 and Windows Phone 7 disaster backup

I just hate slow news days. You know why? Because this is usually when you see some “not so new” news stories pop-up. So today, the big thing seems to be a “new” Windows Phone 7 backup feature coming to the Zune software. Hold on! What ? The Zune software has this implemented since the very first Zune player came out a couple of years ago (iTunes does it to you know? Even Windows). The software will create a disaster recovery backup of the device prior to the firmware update just in case something goes wrong. The same applies to Windows Phone 7 handsets and this is primarily why Microsoft decided that all OS updates will go through the Zune desktop client and not OTA and I already posted about this back in November (this info has been known since last March..).

UPDATE: To prove it I just plugged-in my Samsung Omnia 7 in recovery mode and snapped a screenshot of the Zune client that you can see above.

Last but not least, the Asus E600 has apparently leaked again! Leaked? What? How can something “leak” when it has already officially been shown by MS employees and used in most of the PDC10 development sessions (just head over to the PDC10 website and watch some of the WP7 session)? The Asus E600 is a Windows Phone 7 development handsets similar to the LG GW910/Panther and Samsung Taylor and is not, AFAIK, meant to ever hit retail stores (btw even the the forum post used as one of the source of today’s “news”, which is more than a month old, shows that the devices is running an internal development rom..). It has also passed the FCC more than 7 months ago (like the LG GW910 and Samsung Taylor).

Thanks to everybody who mailed me about this