Windows Phone 7 Review

It’s now time to take an in-depth look at Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system now that the project has finally seen the light of the day after years of tumultuous developments. This review is quite long so I’m first going to give you a quick history reminder about the development of the OS followed by description of the product’s features and my opinion of it.

Officially unveiled back in February 2010 during MWC in Barcelona, Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft last attempt to be relevant in the mobile market after the slow demise of Windows Mobile 6.X that took place during past few years. Contrary to popular belief Windows Mobile as we knew it wasn’t a bad OS, but it greatly suffered from Microsoft’s total lack of support and interest in its product and the only reason why it managed to survived this long was because OEMs like HTC poured R&D and money into developing alternative UIs to compete with Apple’s iPhone and later, Google’s Android. What many people don’t know is that Windows Phone 7’s development initially started back in 2004 when it was called Windows Mobile 7 (code named Photon) but because of a lack of motivation, foresight and some relatively stupid decisions taken by the Redmond company (like the Danger acquisition that later gave birth to the Kin devices) the development was a total mess and in Fall 2008 Microsoft finally decided to stop all ongoing Photon / Windows Mobile 7 development and re-start everything from scratch with a new team composed of the developers of the Zune media player and Windows Media Center.

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Zombies!!! and Brain Challenge released on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has just released two new Xbox Live enabled Windows Phone 7 games today: Gameloft’s Brain Challenge and Babaroga’s Zombies!!!. Both games are available right now for $4.99 but be sure to check out the trial versions before making your decision. One thing I would like to point out is that contrary to what the game title made suggest, Zombies!!! it’s an action shooter but a turn-based game(you know with dices etc..). Anyway, just head over to the marketplace to try them out.

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Android 2.4 aka Ice Cream Sandwich coming out this summer

The next iteration of google smartphone OS is supposedly being code-named Ice Cream Sandwich and should logically be ready in time for a summer release ( Ice Cream sort off hits at a summer release). This obviously means that you won’t see it being pushed as an update to eligible handset before next fall if history is any indication. As you probably know by now, Android 3.0 is strictly aimed and Tablets for the time being to the poor smartphones will apparently only get  an small update in the form of Android 2.4 instead. It will really be interesting to see how Google manages this whole eco-system fragmentation now that they will have essentially two different versions of the same OS with vastly different UI structures pushed out at nearly the same time.

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