The Samsung Omnia 7 has 4GB of DDR ram ? Service manual released

The Samsung Omnia 7 service manual has just been leaked for our own viewing pleasure and some interesting (and perplexing) tidbits have just attracted my attention. According to the block diagram (picture after the break) the Omnia 7 apparently packs 4GB of DDR Ram and not 512Mb of Ram + 1GB of Rom. We can clearly see the SanDisk SDIN4C2-8G 8GB iNAND module mentioned in there but there’s also another 8GB of NAND and the mysterious 4GB of DDR. Check it out:

I already saw the same thing noted by Samsung in the Omnia 7 specs sheet back in October on the official website (see here) but decided not to report it because I thought that it was a mistake but now that it is also mentioned in the device’s service manual things are a little bit more official I guess.

Interestingly a 16GB version of the device is sold in it possible that all handset actually have 16GB of ram and that only the German version has the regular 8GB NAND chip enabled (plus the SDIN4C2-8G 8GB iNAND which is enabled on all Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus handsets)? Like the US HTC HD2 situation but on a bigger scale. That still doesn’t explain the 4GB of DDR though…

UPDATE: Thanks to Fred in the comments bellow who found the answer to this confusing situation. For some totally illogical reason Samsung is listing the Rom and Ram in Gigabites and the iNAND storage in Gigabytes. So 8Gb = 1GB of Rom and 4Gb = 512MB or DDR SDRAM Ram.

The device also features the same SMB380 tri-axial low-gravity acceleration sensor and Yamaha YAS529 MS-3C Triaxial Geomagnetic Sensor (the digital compass) found in the Galaxy S . You can grab the service manual from here.

  • Anonymous

    Hi from Greece. I bought my Omnia 7 from Germany and it has indeed 16 GB storage and 512 MB ram

  • Frederick Gibson

    It would seem to me that they are listing the RAM in Gigabits, for whatever strange reason. 4 Gb equal 512 MB. Since the chart doesn’t actually show either B or b, it leaves it confusing.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Nice catch Frederick! Totally missed this one.

  • Magnus Blomberg

    Hi, I’m not sure I understand what you are writing. Could some of you confirm or deny if Omnia 7 has 12 GByte of memory that in therortics could be accessed by user. /Magnus