Windows Phone 7 hitting Sprint and Verizon before June 30

CDMA users who wish to get a Windows Phone 7 handset won’t really be happy about this news, but according to Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman the first CDMA Windows Phone 7 handsets will be ready on Sprint and Verizon by June 30. When exactly? Well, “by” is the keyword here I guess so it could be a lot earlier than that given that we have already seen Verizon branded applications in the Marketplace. So let’s just wait until MWC for more concrete info. As a matter of fact the CDMA version of the HTC 7 Trophy has just recently passed the FCC certification.

source: Seatle Times

  • Anonymous

    Well, users at PocketNow are claiming that June 30 is the last day of first half of 2011 and is not actually the shipping date.

  • MobileTechWorld

    No where did it say that June 30 was the shipping date. “by June 30″ is just normal PR crap talk to dodge answering the question by being slick… Announcement coming at MWC..