Early Sony Ericsson PSP PlayStation Phone Xperia Play Review

IT168 posted an extensive review of the upcoming Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone aka Xperia Play aka Zeus Z1 today. Beware that this is based on a non-retail version of the product so things can change between now and when the device finally launches. The phone features an MSM8255 SoC which includes the Adreno 205 GPU so the performance should be on par with the HTC Desire HD and it’s US cousins the HTC Thunderbolt and HTC Inspire 4G but only 512Mb of Rom and 512MB of Ram ‘the device runs Android 2.3). The phone also features a 4 inch 854×480 screen, 1500Mah battery and 5Mpix camera with LED flash. So as you can see there’s nothing to fancy here besides the sliding gamepad. Seeral benchmarks have been done but you won’t learn anything new there (performance is as expected). Check out some videos after the break:

I still can’t see how this can be successfull against the iPhone, Windows Phone 7′s Xbox Live and now also nVidia’s TWIMTBP (The Way It’s Meant To Be Played) programm that is being rolled out for the upcoming Tegra 2 devices.

source: IT168

  • http://www.facebook.com/sadaghian Arash

    Its so stupid, Now sony will hype PS fans to go and buy it, and then Xbox fans will become aware of their Xbox phone. but what happens is that xbox phone is already launched with 9 devices and +60 xbox live titles but PS phone has a special hardware without a standard resolution and with physical keys.

    And developers, who will program for something like this?

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    Yup, a fragmented eco-system is definitely not the way to have a successful gaming platform. And With nVidia getting into the mix things are going to get ugly (can’t blame nVidia for doing it thought, they need to show off their powerful SoCs).