Windows Phone 7 update rumors..again

Here’s a new Windows Phone 7 update rumor that just popped up ahead of tomorrow’s CES Keynote courtesy of Paul Thurrot. Once again grab some salt before reading all this. First there’s the Windows Phone 7 NoDo update (which means No Donuts):

The first Windows Phone 7 software update, codenamed “NoDo,” will RTM in January, possibly this very week and in time for the CES keynote. But it won’t ship to users until early February, once the carriers sign off on it. This update will include the famed copy and paste functional addition, support for the Qualcomm 7×30 smart phone chipset, a CDMA location stack, and a number of software fixes.

So Microsoft is adding support for Qualcomm’s current mid-range SoC and not the MSM8255 or QSD8650A/B which are the logical successors of the QSD8250? This doesn’t’ really sound logical. Are OEMs going to start shipping devices with Adreno 205 GPUs (which is a lot more powerful than the current Adreno 200 found in the current devices) and start fragmenting the ecosystem ? CDMA location stack or CDMA “radio” stack ? Anyway, Microsoft already mentioned in October in the official FAQ (and latter took it down) that Windows Phone 7  supported CDMA, LTE, WiMAX  and WP7 devices have already been spotted tested on Verizon’s network a couple of months ago.

While I’m not sure on the timing, the first major Windows Phone 7 update contains a piece called “Mango” internally; this will add Internet Explorer 9 with with the Trident 5 rendering engine, HTML 5 and Silverlight, and gesture support. This is the “75xx” code branch, which suggests that it could be called Windows Phone 7.5. (But probably won’t be … It actually calls itself Windows Phone 7.2 at this time.). Internally, this code branch is referred to as the “entertainment” branch, which suggests other, non-IE functionality as well.

I would really be pleasantly surprised if Microsoft was able to port the IE9 trident 5 engine and ship it in Windows Phone 7 only a couple of months after it’s desktop launch. The last I heard was that Microsoft wasn’t really planning on adding in-browser Silverlight support thought. BTW, what is “gesture support” ? Anyway, let’s all patiently wait and see….. oh and No Donuts sounds like #tdmp -> Pink –>

courtesy of engadget

UPDATE: Charlie Kindle just posted the following:

BTW, a guy failed to bring donuts to a meeting after loosing a bet. The “nodo” codename had nothing to do with Android.

As you can see in this picture I shot, the internal MoJo builds were already at 7112 back in August :

  • BucksterMcgee

    Not sure why you thought they weren’t doing browser plugin support since they directly said they would have both flash and silverlight for WP7, and going back an entire year, adobe said they were holding off flash 10.1 for WM6.5 and instead working directly on WP7.

    Awesome, that it’s getting the I9 engine so soon, I had a feeling they were going to do that when they said it was based on 7 and 8.

  • MobileTechWorld

    They never said that it will have in-browser Silverlight. The only ‘official’ word was that Flash was being worked on by Adobe and that was nearly a year ago. Microsoft never answered the question about in-browser Silverlight and always dodged it by saying that WP7 support silverlight “it’s what is used to develop 3rd part applications for the platform..bla bla..”. I personally asked them several times about it… Anyway, in-browser silverlight is just as worthless as Flash (it sucks on Android even on the most high devices…). Once again what is posted above is nothing more than a rumor and lately the vast majority of the WP7 rumors turned out to be…false.

  • Diego!

    Does this mean that Microsoft is set to launch new Windows Phone 7 devices but with a different form factor? (I’m thinking of BlackBerry kind of designs).

  • Diego!

    Hey M! Check this out! It has nothing to do with WP7. It’s actually a preview of SonyEricsson Xperia X12 Anzu.

    Its chipset it the following: MSM7230 chipset from Qualcomm (…). This new chipset offers the same CPU Core named “Scorpion”.

    So, maybe new WP7 devices coming along?

  • MobileTechWorld

    The MSM7230 (already commercially available the HTC Desire Z and T-Mobile G2) is the cheapo version of the MSM8255 (already used in the Desire HD) which is just an evolution of the QSD8250 with a tweaked VeNum engine and a Adreno 205 GPU. There will always bene WP7 device coming along but I sure hope that they aren’t going to be based on the MSM7230…