Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson PlayStation Zeus Z1 / Xperia Play phone in the wild again

The Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone aka Zeus Z1 aka Xperia Play has once again shown its face in the wild today. As you can see in the pictures the Xperia & PlayStation branding is now plastered on the device which could mean that what we are seeing here is probably final hardware. There’s still no word on when it will officially be announced but It’s either going to be at this week’s CES or next month’s MWC. More picture after the break:

source: HKgolden via engadget

  • Diego!

    It looks great! And I love the screen, thank God it’s a 4″!

    Cool news indeed.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, it looks like an xperia with a game pad, which I think is a good idea. Now if at&t could just hurry up over testing that freaking upgrade for the x10 that I have that’s still 1.6. pass4sure NS0-501