Samsung Omnia 7 leading the Windows Phone 7 pack in France ?

According to french website who allows its users to customize its web page to better fit their smartphone preferences the Samsung Omnia 7 is clearly the win french hearts in front of the HTC Mozart and LG Optimus 7. This obviously doesn’t mean much given that the sample was fairly small (only 1268 readers) and the fact that this obviously doesn’t reflect sales but probably only peoples interest in a particular device. But given that Microsoft and its OEMs don’t seem to be bothered to detail any sales numbers we are probably going to see similar stats popping up everywhere (other stats recently showed that HTC’s WP7 devices where the most popular because of the number of models).

source: Merci Arnaud for the heads up

  • Viruela22

    EY but if microsoft showed sales numbers now if these as these blog questioning everything what comes from microsoft we are wrong, you should also question numbers selling that says google with android, ahi no one wondered that it is impossible to activate 300,000 android because haria per month sold 9 million android and this is a good big lie

  • dotCARBON

    So those 1.5 million devices they sold wasn’t a sale number?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yes the 1.5m sales number is only the devices sold to carriers and retail stores. We don’t have any detailed numbers on individual models etc (that’s what I was talking about in the post)..

  • MobileTechWorld

    The Android activation number is nothing but PR IMO.

  • Viruela22

    Microsoft sold 1500.000 license of your software and that is what counts, not out of context the official words, and according to paul thurrotts the has data that is sold much more than these numbers, you believe that sacarian a figures so to later become evidence that were lying, but good muestreme android real sales or a single document is shown is real and not interested in google, Word because I have not seen a questioning on his part to such figures

  • Sjoerd

    Are there any numbers available on android sales? And why is this bullshit/PR. Just curious because everyone is talking about these numbers all the time.

  • jambalaja

    Why can not MS have the actual figures??? 1.5 m is really really bad. Samsung Galaxy Tab’ve alone sold more than all WP7 units together. At the same time. And it is for retail