Rise Of Glory for Windows Phone 7 hands on video

Microsoft has just released two new Xbox Live enabled games today: Rise Of Glory and Revolution (both will set you back $2.99). I’ve just shot a video of Rise Of Glory running on the Samsung Omnia 7 to show you what the game is all about. As you will see this is a World War One flight shooter which definitely isn’t the best looking mobile game around  but the controls are framerate are really good ( but I kinda hoped that it was going to be a port of Skies of Glory on the iPhone which is the same game set in WWII). But there are some nice graphical touches like the specular highlight effect on the plane to simulated the sun’s reflection and also the fake bullet holes that appear the screen when you are being shot at. All in all the game is fairly good but could be even better if real-time multilayer gaming was possible on Windows Phone 7 (multiplayer dog fights similar to Crimson Sky…..). Check it out after the break: