Use Bing's daily image as your Windows Phone 7 lock screen wallpaper

Can get enough of Bing‘s beautiful wallpaper backgrounds that change everyday? You can now easily download them to your Windows Phone 7 device in WVGA and set them as your lock screen wallpaper. The free Bing2wall application lest your grab the latest 6 images and save them on your phone. You then have to go to your pictures hub and manually set the one you choose as your wallpaper. The only thing missing is international support ( because other countries around don’t have the same images on the same day and the Bing2wall app only grabs the US feed) Update:there’s some international support in there! The app requests the images based on the OS’s regional settings which means that if you are set to US it will grab the US feed, if set to Germany  it will show the German Bing images etc..It would definitely be more convenient to have this option directly in the app thought.. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft added a similar (but automatic) option to Windows Phone 7 in a future update. It would definitely be nice to have the lock-screen automatically change every-day without having to do anything. You can grab it here.

UPDATE January 8: The latest version now features a Region selector.

  • Monkey D Black


  • MonSmartphone

    That just rocks ! Today, it’s Canal Rocks in Australia guys !

  • jigarme

    How does region selector work?

  • MobileTechWorld

    You have the option to select the country from which you want to download the Bing image (because MS doesn’t display the same image on the same day all over the world)

  • jigarme

    Cool, Thanks.