Microsoft is looking to improve Windows Phone 7 cloud services, applications analytics, 3D graphics and public relations

This week’s going to be relatively slow with regards to technology news so I decided to take a quick look at Microsoft’s career website to see if there was anything of interest related to Windows Phone 7. Thankfully for us there are some interesting nuggets in there right now:

The Windows Phone Services team is apparently seeking to improve WP7′s cloud infrastrucutre by building new services using Windows Azure ans SQL Azure:

The Windows Phone Services (WPS) organization is responsible for building highly scalable and innovative cloud services that support the Windows Phone. The Platform and Core Services (PCS) team within WPS is responsible for the core infrastructure and services that build a framework for all WPS teams to layer upon. PCS will be taking advantage of Windows Azure and other internal services and tools to bring a platform that allows quick time to market, and flexible scale.

The PCS Engineering Tools and Services team is looking for a Senior Program Manager to drive the management of services and related engineering tools that will be part of a common framework for WPS. These services and tools are related to areas such as Live ID, and certificate management for the devices, and the developer pipeline for services. These services must run under the new PCS Azure framework and must be enhanced for the next Windows Phone OS. This role will require strong technical skills, and ability to communicate and collaborate with our partner teams within WPS and the Windows Phone team.

Come join an organization that knows how to build compelling and cost effective cloud services for mobile devices!

Do you want to play a critical role in a team that will enable Senior Leadership to make business decisions that’ll shape the future of Windows Phone? Are you passionate about working with raw data and transforming it into intelligent information? Are you interested in building a V1 infrastructure on top of Windows and SQL Azure? Come work with the Platform and Core services (PCS) team in the Windows Phone Services (WPS) division.

PCS team is charted to deliver a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platform for all of Windows Phone Services. This platform will drive all Data-warehousing and Business Intelligence needs of current & future services under WPS including Location, Notification, and Windows Live phone services.

Microsoft is also looking to improve the recently launched marketplace analytics tools for third-party developers:

We need a strong developer who develop the services to work with developers to advance our analysis of applications published to AppHub>. You will design and implement high performance tools and services that can process variety of Windows Phone applications. You will apply latest managed code and security scanning algorithms as well as advanced machine learning techniques to reduce the latency for application certifications.

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