GSM HTC 7 Pro launching in Europe in January

Still waiting for a Windows Phone 7 device with a horizontally sliding hardware keyboard? Well if you are in Europe then you have no other choice than wait until next months when the GSM version of the HTC 7 Pro is supposedly launching (the LG Quatum / Optimus 7 Q is scheduled to launch EU yet). O2 Germany has already posted its product page with an availability date of January. In my opinion Windows Phone 7 still has a long way to go before being fully usable in landscape mode (I will talk more about this in my upcoming in-depth review of WP7). Check out the device’s hardware specifications here.

source: O2 via engadget

  • UgglyUI

    I think the phone looks to be way too big. My iPhone is the right size, I had wanted to have a keyboard, I had a desire HTC Z Easy. I just wonder which manufacturer will dare to invest in WP7 when it has sold so catastrophically bad. Show us the real numbers MS!!

  • Sjoerd

    Dude…doesn’t engadget has enough articles about wp7 to spam?