Dell Venue Pro shipping with 256MB of RAM instead of 512MB

Courtesy of Razorfold

Poor Dell Venue Pro just can’t seem to get a break these days….After all the hardware and software issues and massive delays here comes another annoying problem: Dell is actually shipping devices with half of the previously announced RAM! If you check out my Windows Phone 7 hardware specification chart you will see that the Dell Venue Pro is supposed to have 512MB of RAM and not 256MB as it is currently the case on the phones that have been received by the users. Here’s also the official specs from Microsoft (because Dell no longer details the full hardware specification of the device on their own website):

One should remember that only 256MB of RAM are required to run Windows Phone 7,so the Venue Pro shouldn’t normally suffer from any performance issues..right now (lots of performance issues are being reported thought on Dell’s support forum). It’s up to the OEMs to decide whether they want to add more RAM or not but there’s no denying that early Dell Venue Pro adopters have the right to feel shafted especially after all the delays and now this…

Here’s what the Samsung Omnia 7 reports (it has 512MBof RAM & 1GB of ROM):

source: xda-devs thanks for the heads up Kelyan

  • UgglyUI

    I would never dare to buy Wp7 it feels like it is light years behind. And it sells very bad. You are to late out MS …

  • Diego!

    I am totally for WP7.
    It looks great and works smothly. What Microsoft should do now is that they need to expand WP7 configuration to other chips besides Qualcomm’s 8250. They should go for a dual core chip (or even Samsung’s Hummingbird / Orion), if not, they will loose the game by trying to catch up with iOS and Android but being always a step behind.

  • MonSmartphone

    Bad for Dell :s

  • Ef Jay

    Microsoft could have got it wrong, if you click through using the learn more link to here you see they dont mention RAM and also leave out the 1700 band that is necessary for operation on T-Mobile. The same page that lists the RAM for the Dell as 512MB also lists the HD7 as having 8GB which is incorrect for the US version. So just because its listed by MS doesnt mean its correct.