Samsung Focus teardown

TechRepublic cracked the Samsung Focus open to check out its guts and see if there was anything of interest in there. As it was expected the device feature the famous Qualcomm QSD8250 SnapDragon Chipset and the following components (not that the Omnia 7 probably has exactly the same components):

- NEC MC-10170 imaging chip for the 5mpix camera (same as on the Samsung Galaxy S)
- Qualcomm PM7540 power management IC
- Micron OUA98 JW500 TQND
- SiliconBlue Technologies iCE65L04 Ultra Low-Power FPGA
- Avago Technolgies ACPM-5251, 4×5 UMTS Band I & Band V Dual-Band Power Amplifier Module with Integrated Coupler
- Skyworks SKY77336 Power Amplifier Module
- Fairchild Semiconductor FSA9280A USB 2.0 Accessory Detection Switch w/ 28V FET
- SanDisk SDIN4C2-8G 8GB NAND flash RAM
- Qualcomm RTR6285 UMTS/GSM/EDGE cellular transceiver
- This Samsung SWB-B23 Bluetooth IC (same ason the Galaxy S)
- Texas Instruments TPS65023B 6-channel Power Management IC
- Avago AFI037 1512BB
- Atmel MaXtouch mXT224 224-node touchscreen microcontroller (same as on the Galaxy S and the latest HTC smartphones like the EVO 4G, HD7, Incredible, Desire HD etc..)

It is interesting to note that Samsung didn’t use its own NAND memory (even though they are the world leading NAND memory provider) but chose to go for SanDisk’s iNAND. The Samsung Omnia 7 has the same iNAND chip. Unfortunitelly they didn’t take a closer lookat the sensor chips because it would have been interesting to know if the Focus and Omnia 7 had the same SMB380 tri-axial low-gravity acceleration sensor and MS-3C Magnetic field Sensor as the Galaxy S. Don’t forget to check ou my Windows Phone 7 devices specification chart here.

source: techrepublic

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