Windows Phone 7 launches in Thailand with localized language support courtesy of HTC

Microsoft has launched Windows Phone 7 yesterday in Thailand along side HTC who is shipping the HTC HD7 on the Dtac network. According to the Bangkok Post the devices were immediately sold out but lets not put too much emphasis on this claim given that no numbers were provided (It’s relatively easy to say that something has sold out if only a small number of devices were originally in stock.). Anyway, the most interesting part of this story is that HTC has build a special application that enables users to type in Thai. The QuickPost can be download via the HTC hub and has the following features:

Thailand language can be printed via the QuickPost App which can be downloaded through the Hub, HTC consists of:
1. to send the SMS ThaiSMS as Thailand
2. to send the Email ThaiEmailSender as Thailand
3. ThaiSearch language to type into a Web Browser Thailand
4. ThaiTweet for printing text to Twitter
5. Thai Post for Facebook status Update on Facebook in Thailand
6. Thai FourSquare can Shout to the Thailand Foursquare.

Official Asian support won’t be available in the OS before Q2 2011.

source: Dtac, Bangkok Post via wmpu

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    I hereby invite HTC to do the same for Hindi and other Indian Languages. It will be a real bummer if India has to wait an eternity for official support for Hindi and other Indian Languages in Windows Phone 7 because Microsoft does not even have machine translation in Hindi (Google has) showing how much priority Hindi and Indian Languages have with Microsoft. I do not think that the Asian Language support coming in Q2 2011 will have Hindi or other Indian Languages. So we will gladly take what HTC gives us.

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