Pocket God For Windows Phone 7 hands on video

Back again for another Windows Phone 7 video tonight. This time I’m going to show you the just released Pocket God game for Windows Phone 7. In Pocket God the player takes the role of a almighty God who’s only purpose is to kill some cute little pygmies. That’s right folks, there nothing else to do other than kill or hurt the little characters in the game. It can get really boring and annoying after while that’s why it’s a episodic micro-game which means that more episodes will be released in the future (just like on the iPhone iOS version) that will bring new locations, characters, new ways to kill and also mini-games. The game is Xbox Live enabled so it’s packed full of achievements. Check the video after the break:

Frankly I prefer Fruit Ninja but the beauty of Windows Phone 7 is that there are trial versions of XBL games, so grab it and try it out. The full game is $2.99 (future episodes will probably cost $0.99).

Update: Just shot a second video showing you a bit more of the game:

  • http://twitter.com/ivanbernat Ivan Bernat

    Why are all WP7 games in UK priced in GBP? It’s 2.99 GBP for this game, which is $4.6.

  • http://www.monsmartphone.net MonSmartphone

    Pretty fun app :)

    What about being a gentle good God ?