Microsoft working on Windows Phone 7 tethering with OEMs ?

I just came across an interesting sentence at the bottom of the Windows Phone 7 and Exchange Server_FINAL_122010.pdf in relation to the Exchange ActiveSync BlockInternetSharing policy (pictured above):

** Press articles may have indicated that Internet sharing can be enabled on some Windows Phone 7 phones
by activating diagnostics tools included by the manufacturer of the device. This policy does not have control
over the device firmware and Microsoft is working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to correct
any inconsistencies.

The wording isn’t really clear here and I can’t figure out what “correct any inconsistencies” means in this context. Any ideas?

  • erdoke

    Although I’m not a native speaker of English, my understanding fron the above is that Microsoft is not happy that you can tether mobile net through service menus of Samsung and LG WP7 phones even when blocking of this secueity feature is pushed by a corporate Exchange Server. I believe they are negotiating with these OEMs the removal of this option, so that they are in compliance with others and apparently with Microsoft’s intentions as well.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yes that’s the impression I got after reading it.