Android 2.3 Gingerbread source code available

Google has just made available the source code of Android 2.3 aka gingerbread on its Android Open Source Project website so that partners and ISVs can now download it and start working on the latest version of the OS. Rom cookers can also start baking new Gingerbread new Roms for their favorite devices too. Other Than that there isn’t much to say given that this is primarily aimed and OEMs and developers. Don’t forge to download the latest version of GoogleMaps 5 thought because it’s uper awesome.

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Help translate the Windows Phone 7 WordPress application

The WordPress team is looking for some brave souls to help them translate the recently released Windows Phone 7 WordPress application in different languages so that it can be submitted to more countriesin the near future. Here’s what you will have to do if you wish to help them:

- Make sure you have a login

- Visit the app’s GlotPress site and start translating!
- If you need help figuring out what to do you can read the Getting Started Guide.
- If you don’t see your language listed, leave a comment here or send us an email and we’ll get it added to the project!

Windows Phone 7 Mac connector update released

Microsoft has just released and updated version of the Window Phone 7 Mac connector software that fixes several issues that were present in the previous version:

New features:

Purchased audio content is synced from device

New device setup experience

Browse device now supports manual import from device, delete from device and preview.

Improvements and fixes:

Performance improvements in sync process

Photos are now organized by their iPhoto event if present and by album otherwise

Improved video preparation process

Improved support for pin lock and unlock of device

Improved meta data transfer settings (bookmarks, rating and release dates and now transferred)

Fixed issue with remote iTunes installations

Fixed issue with .AAC and certain .MP4 files not playing on device

Apple Lossless encoded files are no longer synced as they are unsupported on device. They will be ignored like protected content. Please convert these files, as necessary.

Improved support for iPhoto 11.

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Dell Venue Pro headed to AT&T?

A new variant of the Dell Venue Prohas apparently passed the FCC certification not long ago. what’s interesting this time is that it apparently supports WCDMA Band II and V which means that it could be head to AT&T (or Rogers, Telus etc..). I wouldn’t get to excited yet if I was you given the current drama surrounding the T-Mobile Dell Venue Pro launch and also the fact that many device that pass the FCC certification never hit retail stores (or are just European variants of the handsets).

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Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Extras update change log

Here’s the change log of the latest build of the Xbox Live Extras application for Windows Phone 7 that was pushed out on the Marketplace a few hours ago:

New countries, new languages!
We’re making Xbox LIVE Extras available in new languages including French, Italian, German, and Spanish. This also means that Xbox LIVE Extras will now be available in all the official countries where Windows Phone and Xbox LIVE are available!

Manage friend requests inside Xbox LIVE Extras!
You’ll now be able to accept, or reject friend requests inside of Xbox LIVE Extras. Additionally you’ll be able to manage your friends’ lists as well as requests to others.

Even more additional features!
We’ve also added a bunch of additional features such as new Avatar animations and configuration options, and displaying your motto on your profile. We’ve also worked to improve overall stability of the application!

If you already have Xbox LIVE Extras, be on the lookout for an update, for our new countries you’ll find Xbox LIVE Extras in the Games section on Windows Phone Marketplace in the next week!

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The latest Windows Phone 7 and MWC rumors

I thought that I would comment on the latest Windows Phone 7 and Mobile World Congress rumor making the rounds today. Digitimes is now claiming (based on their “own” sources) that Microsoft is going to unveil a new batch of Windows Phone 7 devices during MWC in February and that the Asus E600 is going to be one of them. First off I would like to point out (did it earlier on Twitter) that when Digitimes doesn’t name its “sources” they are nearly always wrong (I highly suggest to take a look at the sites past claims about the iPad and other tech préductions if you want to have a good laugh…). Secondly, AFAIK the Asus E600 is never going to hit retailand is only used as a developer device by Microsoft (similar to the LG GW910 and Samsung Taylor, and the first WP7 prototype wy saw which was the Asus Galaxy 6). But don’t take my word here,just think for a second. Would Asus / Microsoft “unveil” a device that has already been officially shown publicly by Microsoft employees all over the world (you can see it being used many of the PDC10 keynotes) ?

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All Dell Venue Pro pre-orders done before Dec 14 will be delivered before Christmas

The ongoing Dell Venue Pro drama is about to finally end according to Dell’s latest update on the situation. All pre-orders done before December 1′th should be delivered before Christmas.

Update: I’m still working to understand details to clarify shipping schedules. More on that soon. In the meantime, wanted to let folks know that Dell will offer the following for all customers who ordered the Venue Pro on or before December 14:
•Free overnight shipping upgrade for all orders placed up through yesterday, December 14.
•A free Plantronics Explorer 240 Bluetooth headset for all customers who ordered the Venue Pro through yesterday, December 14. Dell will ship the headset to the address you used when you ordered the Venue Pro in 4 – 6 weeks.

Update 2: Here’s what I can say re: Dell Venue Pro shipping: all customers who ordered the phone through Tuesday, December 14 or before will receive their phones before Christmas. If you placed an order after December 14, use the Estimated Delivery Date to understand when you will receive it.

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