HTC releases a YouTube application for it's Windows Phone 7 devices

Windows Phone 7 OEM’s are finally on a roll it seems. After yesterday’s release of the pretty cool Photogram application by Samsung, the new HTC Hub with weather Live Tile it’s now  a full blown YouTube application developed by HTC that has appeared in the market place. The application has similar functionality to HTC’s other YouTube apps on WM and Android and has the big advantage of allowing you to watch videos in HD even when connected to a cellular data network (unlike the Microsoft “plugin” that reverts back to crappy quality videos when not in Wifi). Let’s hope that LG and Samsung release a similar application or that an official YouTube app gets released for WP7 shortly.

Strangely the application is available in the music & video section of the marketplace and not the HTC section.

thanks to everybody who sent this in

  • Kacey Green

    You’ll still need the Microsoft plugin for YouTube links in the browser unfortunately. I was hoping their special manufacturer clearance would have allowed them that capability but I guess not.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Wow, thanks for the info (don’t have an HTC WP7 device right now so I couldn’t check it out yet). Does it actually open a browser session (when you tap on a video) and then jumps to the playback window (similar to the Lazyworm YouTube app) or did they overcome this issue?

  • Ef Jay

    I presume any official youtube application from google will be just as crappy as their official search application?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Well yeah that would suck indeed.I’m not even sure if Google is ever going to make an official YouTube app of WP7 in the near future. They can surprise us thought… hopefully..

  • Anonymous

    The HTC app doesn’t rely on the Microsoft plugin. If you load a video from within the HTC app it uses it’s own engine for video playback, unlike the Lazyworm app which does open a browser session. However if you want to use the mobile YouTube site through IE you still need the plugin.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Thanks a lot for the info!