Microsoft wants to improve Windows Phone 7 devices camera quality

You have probably noticed that I’ve posted a lot of Windows Phone 7 devices camera comparison this past month (check the related posts links below). This is mainly because the camera is one of the only feature that can’t differentiate a Windows Phone 7 device given that they roughly all have the same hardware specifications. Unfortunately the truth is that OEMs don’t seem to care much about this important features and quality of the pictures and videos taken with the vast majority of the WP7 devices isn’t amazing. Only Samsung made the effort to pack a relatively good sensor in the Omnia 7 and Focus contrary to HTC who doesn’t seem to have a clue when it comes to good camera performance (on its WP7  and Android devices too). Microsoft is apparently trying to figure out a way to improve this according to a recent job posting:

Come own image quality for Windows Phone. We are seeking a Senior Program Manager who will be responsible for working with our hardware partners to drive image quality into Windows Phone camera.

Yup, good image quality is desperately needed on some devices..

source: Microsoft Job Center via WMPU