Major Windows Phone 7 update coming in fall 2011 codenamed Mango. Windows Phone 8 in late 2012 codenamed Apollo

Mary Jo Foley has just been tipped about the first major update to Windows Phone 7 which will supposedly be launched in fall 2011 and will be codemaned Mango. As I said a few days ago the first update which is going to be made available around MWC in February isn’t going to be a game changer contrary to what the rumors wanted you to believe. But Microsoft is definitely working on improving the OS and adding many new features in the coming year. The Mango update will supposedly bring HTML5 support to IE Mobile (I would be surprised if it this one turns out to be true thought…), Asian language support (this has been confirmed by HTC) and in browser silverlight support (which I don’t think is going to happen). According to the same tipster, Windows Phone 8 which is codenamed Apollo is scheduled for a late 2012 launch. The current Windows Phone 7 version we are all using was codenamed Mojo (look closely at my picture here…) . Take all this information with a grain of salt thought..and remember all the totally fake made up info/rumors that were unleashed upon us last year before the Windows Phone 7 announcement.

source: all about microsoft

  • John Pisano

    in all honesty HTML5 is an expected thing, not because other mobile devices have it, but because desktop IE9 is HTML5 compliant. Considering the fact current IE in WP7 is based on a hybrid of IE7/IE8 Desktop code(render engine in particular) I can see them pushing the IE9 rendering engine to WP7 once IE9 is released this year. So I don’t know why you had to make a comment like ” (I would be surprised if it turns out to be true thought…)” When MS already have a rendering engine for HTML5, and can easily port it to WP7

  • MobileTechWorld

    Hi John,
    Yeah I’m definitely expecting MS to ad HTML5 support to IE Mobile but I would be pleasantly surprised if it was released so “early”. I have stated many times here that MS has to quickly port the new IE9 Trident engine to WP7 but this isn’t an easy task, especially when you take into account that IE9 for Windows isn’t even finished yet.

  • Ef Jay

    I wouldnt call Fall 2011 early…

  • Gust3

    Why Windows 8 in late 2012? The major updates should be released yearly. The late 2012 date means Windows 8 won’t appear on handsets until mid 2013, thats almost 3 years after the debut. They should aim for early 2012 for fall debut. Or at least do another major update of Windows 7 in early 2012.

  • John Pisano

    Well, I wouldn’t exactly call Fall 2011 early either, however from a relational perspective(in relation to desktop IE9′s release) I guess it could be seen as early. I’m hoping it does come out with this annual update, and with it I hope it brings support for Flash and Silverlight. If WP7 can get both Flash and Silverlight along with HTML5, I don’t think the browser would be second to anything, especially if we have the fluidity of iOS(which we do :) ) and the extra plugin support of Android(hopefully sonner rather than later)

  • John Pisano

    Just because it might be called Windows Phone 7.5 in fall 2011 doesn’t mean it isn’t a major update. Would you call Android 2.1 a major update over 2.0? Or how about 2.2 over 2.1, or better yet 2.3 over 2.2? See what I’m getting at here? All of these OS updates each brought a new major feature to the table, but there wasn’t a numerical increase from 2.0 to 3.0.

    2.1 – Live Wallpapers
    2.2 – Apps2SD, JIT
    2.3 – NFC, Gaming APIs, Media APIs, Voip

    I want major revisions to have an increase like from 7.0 to 8.0, something big like UI change, or something just as drastic.

  • Gust3

    Hey, I didn’t say the fall 2011 update wasn’t major. I said there should be a second major update of WP7 in 2012 since it’s likely that you won’t get WP8 until 2013 based on the delay of software release to the handsets. Or better if they can release WP8 in early 2012 so mobile phones will be available in fall 2012.